Thursday, 4 August 2011

Hair Inspiration 2011

Tomorrow morning is my first proper haircut in a while. Proper as in "going to the hairdressers rather than getting a friend to trim your split ends because you're too poor for anything else." I'm such a student!

Anyway, I've been toying with getting my hair cut shorter again, as it's been growing out for about a year (for the reason above) and I'd rather like a change, especially as I know I'll be cropping up in the odd photo or two at my friend's wedding this weekend!

Hence this, albiet rather short, hair inspiration post. My hair is somewhat problematic - curly to the extreme and generally frizzy at all times, regardless of styling and sermum, much to my dismay. Obviously, shorter hair will mean more curls but I'm okay with that!

And now, without much further ado, here is my hair inspiration:

Taylor Swift: a girl with hair as curly as mine and yet always styled so beautifully!

Not quite as curly, but my current hair colour (thank you hair dye) and I'm toying with getting it straightened but wavy so it looks nice for the wedding and doesn't require a million trips to the bathroom to control it with serum during humid weather

Leighton Meester always impresses me with her hair, esprcially the first up-do. It's gorgeous!

Emma Watson can seem to do no wrong with her hair - a matter agreed on by my mother and I this afternoon - however we also both agreed her crop look would not suit me in any way but this is probably my favourite style on her and I'm debating going approximately this length.

 And that's it! I am aware, obviously, that these are all celebrities and thus have been styled etc whereas I do not have a team of hair stylists running around after me with combs, brushes and sprays to keep my hair looking amazing. However I'd quite happily have their hair for the day. Well, until my natural frizz kicks in!
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