Thursday, 19 November 2009

Kate Moss' whoopsie

Oh Kate Moss,why did you not think before you spoke?Even if you didn't mean to promote anorexia surely it crossed your mind that saying "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" was not a good thing?And no I don't care about the statement released citing it was taken out of context.Unless the context meant it was followed by "...this is a silly mantra,food is good and it's healthy to eat" or something of the like, what you said would always be bad.
And I thought we were making progress with *sarcastic gasp* size 12 models on the *looks mockingly scandalised* fashion runway at the big fashion weeks.
Its ridiculous and people in the public eye should really think before they speak.For some young girl/tween/teen who looks up to Kate Moss that comment could be the point at which they think "yeah food is stupid.I wanna be thin like Kate" and get dragged into the dispair this is an eating disorder.I've been there,it is hellish on so many levels and leaves mental scars even if there are no physical ones.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Broken technology and the wonders of youtube

So my laptop is officially dead.The hard drive is gone.Forever.Bad times.

However, YouTube brought up Usher 'You Make Me Wanna' in my "videos recommended for you" box when I signed in today.I've been listening to it for the past two hours.Haha.Good times :)

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Day 4 of being home,day 2 of reading week...

...and I've actually done some work!Shocker I know,who actually works during reading week!?!Me, apparently. I've done nearly all my shorthand work.I'm planning on prepping the other bit of shorthand later in the week/travelling back (hey I have to do something on the train for 3 hours) otherwise I'll end up hating shorthand all over again.I'm trying to do a profile for MAC189 atm but I keep getting stuck,I feel I should have more information to work with.To some three pages of notes is enough but I wanted more,although I think I've got a good angle to write it with.I just lack motivation right now.

Being home is so nice though.I spent pretty much all of Saturday with Piers.It was lovely to see him.I hate being away from him,cool person/loser that I am.We watched the X Factor with my mum in the evening and had a chinese take away.Little things like this make me happy :)

Sunday was amusing because nobody really knew I was back in town so I just strolled into church,walked up to my friend and was all "SUPRISE!!!" thus giving him a mini heart failure. The look on his face was priceless :) Everyone was really suprised which made it nicer because it was genuine responses not "oh I knew you were back,hi how are you?" in a disinterested tone.Lovely. Great day at church. I was challenged on how I live my life - if an outsider was to look at how I acted and spoke would they know something was different about me?Gave me something to think about.

Yesterday I slept in until about half one in the afternoon.It was absolute bliss.Played on Pokemon for a bit, did my shorthand work and watched tv.Nice, easy, relaxed day. Today ran along the same lines except I'm doing my work now and it's not shorthand.Have my friend coming round tomorrow so it'll be nice to spend time with them for the day :) Then Piers' in the evening,hopefully he can fix my laptop!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Home :)

I love being home.I'm absolutely shattered waiting for something to happen with Piers.Either he's wrestling the laptop away from his parents and coming on skype, he's phoning me or I'm phoning him. May text him in a bit to get an idea on what's going on.

Anyway, home. I've had nice food bought for me,mum has said Piers can stay round tomorrow night.I have a new duvet + sheets and my mum's paying for me to have a haircut this week. I need a haircut so badly!

Watching Friday Night with Jonathan Ross atm.Michael Macintyre is very funny, I loved Sara Harding's jumpsuit and Gerard Butler is charming as always ;) <3

Arctic Monkey's performance time!

Home Sweet Home

I'm writing this on the train waiting to go home for reading week.I officially love reading week.I get to spend the next 10 and a half days with some of my favourite people,some of whom I haven't seen since I left for uni.

I've kept it quiet that I'm coming back.Partly because I wanted to surprise people and partly because I wanted time to kick back,relax and do some work without having people demand my time.The main people who I want to know that I'll be back know.I told my boyfriend first, followed by two of my best friends,then my parents and my brother. Family, best friends and the boyfriend. The most important people know the important stuff first and I get to arrange to see them as and when I want before people who haven't bothered with me feel the need to insist we meet up.

Admittedly I was back last weekend but it was for Chellington so I was only home for about two hours and only saw my mum and my niece. The week hasn't been too bad, work wise. It's gone fairly quickly, something which I'm thankful for because I've been looking forward to the 11 days I'm at home since I booked the tickets.

I'm entering a bit of a stand-off with the fashion editor for the e-zine I contribute to. She hasn't published my article. Fair enough I thought, I'll email her and ask why. That was three days ago. No published article and no reply to my email. Common courtesy would insinuate that I'd at least get an email explaining what's going on if she thought my article was rubbish. I'll still submit to the music section as and when I have stuff to write but no fashion articles of mine will be submitted until this is dealt with :)

I received feed back on my first assessed piece of writing in a workshop today. The workshop leader and module leader had both marked it, which is a big deal as they're both journalists, so I was really nervous going to my workshop leader for my feedback. I sat down and, to my very pleasant surprise, my piece had been marked as a first! I think I may have been the only one in my workshop to receive a first. Most people got 2:1s. I was so happy with that grade. I've only been at uni and I'm getting work marked at a grade 1! My workshop leader said it was obvious I'd come to uni already knowing how to write really well.Thank you Mrs Jewitt! She was my English teacher for five years so I may email her and thank her for all the time she told me my work was naff as it obviously worked. Legend!

I'm not even back yet and I've got stuff planned back home. It's my best friend's birthday next weekend (22nd) so I've got her present in my suitcase ready to be wrapped and presented to her. I think we're doing something just us as well as going for drinks at our local Wetherspoons with a bunch of people. Then on the 23rd I'm going to see Taylor Swift with my friend and her little sister.I'm mega excited as it's at Wembley stadium - the last time I went to see her it was at Shepherd's Bush arena, which is much smaller and thus limited the staging she could do. I've seen clips of her touring in America so I'm hoping for similar stage sets and performances. It should be mega :)

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Work,work,work (and a little play)

I'm two months into the uni experience and work has only just recently gotten hectic. I finalised my 1500 word essay on the progression of women's magazines and their portrayal of women today.I have to admit it was pretty interesting.I first chose it because I thought that,what with it being about women's magazines which I read a lot of,it'd be pretty easy.It wasn't as simple as I thought it would be but it was really interesting.I loved researching the history side of it,even if my main source was restricted by lack of library resources. Boo them.

I've got my MAC 189 article to do for Friday.Working on a uni beat."Does the student party lifestyle impact their education experience?" Got to give credit to Piers for that one.The inspiration conversation went a little like this:

Me: I don't know what I'm going to focus on for my uni based article!
Piers: well think,what do uni students do?
Me: get drunk a lot?
Piers: there you go then!

Legend boyfriend :')

General source fail for a while though.Only one of the alcohol charities I contacted got back to me,and the campus bar staff sucked when I spoke to them earlier.So I'm gonna use the alcohol charity,a lecturer and interview a student.Genius?Maybe,maybe not but it's a decent idea so I'm happy.

Shorthand is going really well,strangely enough because I was looking forward to that module the least having just finished seven years worth of German lessons.However I genuinely enjoy it.I'm pretty good at it,if I do say so myself.

Aha I sound like such a geek :')

I just did my shorthand homework in about 5 minutes.I've reached official uni geek times!

Plus on top of all my actual uni work there's the added work the e-zine (injournalism/detour) creates.In the past two weeks I've done a review of Paramore's album "Brand New Eyes",a feature on autumn coats (they were pretty,I wanted to put my window/online shopping to good use considering I have a perfectly good, albeit a little muddy, coat here with me) and I've written an article on Body Shop's "Anita's favourites" collection.Waiting for the coat one to go up before I put the Body Shop one up.Could also possibly be receiving some samples/products from said collection from press office.If I do I'm so reviewing them!

I got my ticket for clothes show live on Sunday as well!I was home (via Chellington with Straight Up as per the last five years) for the weekend and my mum put the ticket on her card as they wouldn't accept mine.The fashion team from the e-zine are going.I'm mega excited as the platinum ticket I got includes a goody bag,fast tracking for the show and a guarantee of a seat and not just entry.Love love love!

Which reminds me.This time in two weeks I shall have seen Taylor Swift in concert for the second time.(Hence the picture at the beginning.That was the first time in a smaller London venue.This upcoming time its at Wembley baby!)I celebrated this fact on Monday by buying her first album,only just released over here,in Asda for £5.High School Musical 3 may have also found its way into my bag of Asda goods but hey,good memories of the film and cinema trip around it so I'm allowed methinks.

I'm gonna stop geeking about work now and go read a magazine.

All in the name of research of course ;~)

Saturday, 7 November 2009


I'm at Chellington, the one place where no matter how terrible things are I can be okay and forget about it. So what's wrong with me? I feel horrible. I feel so distant from most of the people I used to be closest to before going to uni. I feel disconnected from everything going in.I don't understand references to things that have happened back home because I haven't been there. I don't get the in-jokes because I'm no longer there to be in. I'm glad to have seen the people I've seen. And some of them its fine with. But I don't like feeling so disconnected. :(

I've loved being able to spend time with Piers this weekend (well day) so far,but I can't just come home and spend all my time with him. It wouldn't be healthy, no matter how lovely it would be. I hate this feeling of flux already and I've only been an official uni student for 2 months.

Hopefully tomorrow should be better. I get to see my mum and my niece again. I'm looking forward to that so much. That should make me feel better. I hope.

Monday, 2 November 2009

The best way to say goodnight...

Okay,just a quick one (big of a bragging post this one).Talking to my lovely boyfriend on skype (the brilliant invention which is very useful should you be conduction long distance relationships of any kind) and this was his goodbye:

"I love you" *pauses* "every bit of you"

I'll admit it.I melted,I swooned,I giggled like a love struck loon :)

lurrrrve <3

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Shorthand procastination

So I really should be preparing for my shorthand lesson tomorrow but I'm not really in the mood.My friend Katie has just left the flat and a friend from back home has emailed me telling me they miss me. I'm feeling pretty chilled out.I think my feet have finally dried out from the downpour that happened here this morning!

Bit of a lovely day today :) Minus the rain that is. Helped out at Kids Ministry at church today,consoling Joy the pastor's youngest daughter because she thought there weren't enough chocolate coins to go around and that she,as the youngest,would get the least. She's absolutely adorable, is Joy. I loved helping out at KM,it reminded me of taking Sunday School classes.I don't think I'd realised just how much I'd missed that.

I'm anxious to get this week out of the way,regardless of the meaning that I'd have one week less to work on my essay.I'm so excited for my home church's youth weekend away to Chellington.This will be my fifth(I think).I love going on these SO much and this year will be extra special because I get to see everyone from back home (including the lovely boyfriend Piers) for an entire weekend.Then go home for a few hours to play with my niece and have a roast dinner,courtesy of my mum.I've missed the simple things such as my mum's roast dinners being here.Then I'm back home the weekend after for reading week.Excitement!And the Taylor Swift gig with Mish :) Double excitement!

Right I probably really should get on with shorthand work before Piers comes online and we chat until one of us is ready to fall asleep,probably me at this point...I'm very sleepy today!
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