Thursday, 4 August 2011

Hair Inspiration 2011

Tomorrow morning is my first proper haircut in a while. Proper as in "going to the hairdressers rather than getting a friend to trim your split ends because you're too poor for anything else." I'm such a student!

Anyway, I've been toying with getting my hair cut shorter again, as it's been growing out for about a year (for the reason above) and I'd rather like a change, especially as I know I'll be cropping up in the odd photo or two at my friend's wedding this weekend!

Hence this, albiet rather short, hair inspiration post. My hair is somewhat problematic - curly to the extreme and generally frizzy at all times, regardless of styling and sermum, much to my dismay. Obviously, shorter hair will mean more curls but I'm okay with that!

And now, without much further ado, here is my hair inspiration:

Taylor Swift: a girl with hair as curly as mine and yet always styled so beautifully!

Not quite as curly, but my current hair colour (thank you hair dye) and I'm toying with getting it straightened but wavy so it looks nice for the wedding and doesn't require a million trips to the bathroom to control it with serum during humid weather

Leighton Meester always impresses me with her hair, esprcially the first up-do. It's gorgeous!

Emma Watson can seem to do no wrong with her hair - a matter agreed on by my mother and I this afternoon - however we also both agreed her crop look would not suit me in any way but this is probably my favourite style on her and I'm debating going approximately this length.

 And that's it! I am aware, obviously, that these are all celebrities and thus have been styled etc whereas I do not have a team of hair stylists running around after me with combs, brushes and sprays to keep my hair looking amazing. However I'd quite happily have their hair for the day. Well, until my natural frizz kicks in!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

H is for Happy 18

♥ Wedding excitement: one of my friends is getting married next weekend and I'm super excited!

♥Cameron Mitchell from Glee Project. I'm a little bit obsessed with this programme and Cameron is easily my favourite

♥Old clothes still fitting: I'm wearing this to my friend's wedding, it's two years old and - much to my surprise - fits better now than when I first bought it. Hurrah!

♥Baking with my niece: this is the plan for this weekend as we've got about 8 eggs to use up by Tuesday so it's all hands to the kitchen for some hardcore cake baking

♥My nephew in all his adorableness

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Harry Potter - The Gryffindor Look

Unless you've been living under a rock, you will - I'm sure - be aware that the release date of the final Harry Potter movie is mere days away from us. For those of you wanting to show some care in your outfits but not wanting to go the full hog - because very few of us could actually pull off Luna's lion head - I've put together a couple of outfit examples matching my house of choice.
I've chosen Gryffindor - red and golds being the colour scheme - as it's my personal favourite and probably what I'll be wearing...
This first look is very simple; a dress with cardigan thrown over the top (although if you're going to a midnight showing I'd reccomend thick tights as well, lest your legs suffer frostbite) Obviously you can swap the colours around and have a yellow dress and a red cardigan but these two pieces would contrast against each other gorgeously, and I love the slight flare on the skater skirt of the dress.
I've cheated a bit here because this skirt isn't technically red. It's kind of a burnt orange but we'll let that one slide. Balance the primness of this midi skirt out with a sheer batwing-sleeve top with optional cover up ready in your posessions.
Keep shoes simple as red and yellow are both demanding colours. A ballet pump in an earthy or nude colour will suffice. As for accessories go theme and don your geek glasses/snitch/deathly hallows sign/time turner necklace.
Owls/toads/rats/cats are optional.
All clothes and shoes pictured are from New Look's website. Time Turner picture is from Etsy.

Ending a hiatus

So those of you who drop by from time to time will have noticed I've been somewhat absent for the last month. Without getting to personal and whipping out a mini violin I've been dealing with some stuff and taking time out from my blog.
I'm now back and although I'm working full time for the summer - my overdraft won't get rid of itself - I've got several pieces planned and written ready to go up, as well as resuming my regular H is for Happy posting.
Thanks for all the visits I've had during my time away, I've visited my visitors page and was amazed that despite not posting for a while I've still been getting hits. I'll stop before I go into full on Oscar acceptance speech blubbing and thanking everyone I've ever spoken to.
See you next post!

Monday, 13 June 2011

(a belated) H is for Happy week 17

Wow okay so last week pretty much consisted of me aclimitising to waking up between 6:30 and 7:am for a full day of work. Yes it's summertime and I have been temping for a week already, courtesy of a need to pay off my overdraft and enjoy myself. Needless to say sleep took a lot of priority over most of my normal daily routines (including talking to people where optional and anything that involved my brain functioning beyond a basic level).

And thus here is what should have been last week's H is for Happy! I have a couple of other posts tucked up my sleeve so the next few weeks at least should be better post-wise.

♥Dougie; Mcfly did an episode of gameshow The Cube (well I say Mcfly...Tom did everything while the others were in the audience) which aired over the weekend. I adore Mcfly and Dougie was just amazing. The best moment was easily when Tom was asking for advice about whether or not to continue onto the next game and Dougie's response was to go for it because he was having a nice time and that he didn't "want to go home yet"

♥Happened the other day with The Little Mermaid. Love, love, love this film and completely ignored the fact it was on Disney Junior to watch it

♥The coffee cart declaration of love as demonstrated by Seth Cohen.
One of the best OC scenes ever

♥Make up that makes you look awake: I've been heavily relying on Benefit Eye Bright this week!

♥"Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey STUFF" easily one of my top Doctor Who quotes

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

H is for Happy week 16

Good afternoon my lovely reader! This week's H is for Happy is going up a bit earlier than usual this week as after three hours of law exams tomorrow I won't be fit for much except collapsing with celebratory ice cream/junk food and a couple of films, and Friday is reserved for last minute meet ups with friends over in Newcastle, last minute packing additions (having done most of it last night in a fit of organisation) and travelling home. Now, without much further ado, here is this week's H is for Happy:

♥ A summer job: for those of you who missed yesterday's post I have a job for summer temping at the same finance company as last year. It's pretty needed money wise and it'll be nice going back to somewhere familiar rather than having to start all over again.

♥Preparing to travel back: it's been a bit of an odd one this uni year and I'm achingly looking forward to going back to my familiar house and spend the weekend hanging out with my mum before starting work on Monday.

♥Harry Potter promo posters: the last week or so has seen these posters be released one by one and each one has prompted a fan girl squeal of excitement from me. I think my favourite three are the joint Harry and Voldermort one, Neville's (how bad ass does he look!) and Snape's.

♥Chalet Girl: Yes I am aware there's more to the movie than Ed Westwick...but I'm showing local pride as we're from the same town so hush. Anyway, my friend lent me this film this morning as I missed seeing it in the cinema when it was out ages ago and despite its undeniable cheesiness, I quite enjoyed it. And Ed was wonderful as always.

♥Family visits: this summer (okay the weekends of summer and after work) will be spent visiting family and hanging out with them. I love this picture so much, the four generations of Rampley men (my dad, granddad, brother and nephew) taken the last week of Easter holidays at my dad's new house. It's also quite heavy on family events with several birthdays and father's day in a short space of time. I've already been manically buying presents!

And to see you off on this week's post is the song I've had on repeat all week: The Strokes and Regina Spektor Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Gangster Microsoft Word

I was typing up a document in Microsoft Word when (in the annoying way it does) it offered me a grammar change. Usually these are ridiculous and don't make sense but I think this is the worst/best one I've ever seen:

Microsoft Word: now programmed by gangsters?
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