Saturday, 30 July 2011

H is for Happy 18

♥ Wedding excitement: one of my friends is getting married next weekend and I'm super excited!

♥Cameron Mitchell from Glee Project. I'm a little bit obsessed with this programme and Cameron is easily my favourite

♥Old clothes still fitting: I'm wearing this to my friend's wedding, it's two years old and - much to my surprise - fits better now than when I first bought it. Hurrah!

♥Baking with my niece: this is the plan for this weekend as we've got about 8 eggs to use up by Tuesday so it's all hands to the kitchen for some hardcore cake baking

♥My nephew in all his adorableness

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Harry Potter - The Gryffindor Look

Unless you've been living under a rock, you will - I'm sure - be aware that the release date of the final Harry Potter movie is mere days away from us. For those of you wanting to show some care in your outfits but not wanting to go the full hog - because very few of us could actually pull off Luna's lion head - I've put together a couple of outfit examples matching my house of choice.
I've chosen Gryffindor - red and golds being the colour scheme - as it's my personal favourite and probably what I'll be wearing...
This first look is very simple; a dress with cardigan thrown over the top (although if you're going to a midnight showing I'd reccomend thick tights as well, lest your legs suffer frostbite) Obviously you can swap the colours around and have a yellow dress and a red cardigan but these two pieces would contrast against each other gorgeously, and I love the slight flare on the skater skirt of the dress.
I've cheated a bit here because this skirt isn't technically red. It's kind of a burnt orange but we'll let that one slide. Balance the primness of this midi skirt out with a sheer batwing-sleeve top with optional cover up ready in your posessions.
Keep shoes simple as red and yellow are both demanding colours. A ballet pump in an earthy or nude colour will suffice. As for accessories go theme and don your geek glasses/snitch/deathly hallows sign/time turner necklace.
Owls/toads/rats/cats are optional.
All clothes and shoes pictured are from New Look's website. Time Turner picture is from Etsy.

Ending a hiatus

So those of you who drop by from time to time will have noticed I've been somewhat absent for the last month. Without getting to personal and whipping out a mini violin I've been dealing with some stuff and taking time out from my blog.
I'm now back and although I'm working full time for the summer - my overdraft won't get rid of itself - I've got several pieces planned and written ready to go up, as well as resuming my regular H is for Happy posting.
Thanks for all the visits I've had during my time away, I've visited my visitors page and was amazed that despite not posting for a while I've still been getting hits. I'll stop before I go into full on Oscar acceptance speech blubbing and thanking everyone I've ever spoken to.
See you next post!
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