Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Uni life

So it's been over a month now and to be honest I'm only just beginning to settle in.This is the longest I've gone without being homesick or crying on the phone to my boyfriend. I think it helps that more stuff is going on here so I'm not just sitting in my room bored out of my head because I don't do the whole "get drunk and pull guys" thing. I've had a few articles published on the magazine department's e-zine in the music and fashion sections.I should be having one put up soon and I'm thinking of doing another article/review for the music section to keep my options open and decide which one I prefer for specialising next year.

I adore my flatmates and all their dysfunctional tendencies but I do wish that there were more girls, or at least tidier guys. I'm sick of coming in to the kitchen to discover it piled high with dirty plates, or the bin overflowing because they follow the rule that its ok until someone makes the rubbish fall onto the floor.Last weekend it was actually spilling over onto the floor.I refused to tidy it on principle and, as usual, one of the more tidier flatmates caved and tidied it up.

It's movers and shakers tomorrow night and I'm a little bit nervous. I don't know how to network! I'm also hideously paranoid that I'll bore the person I'm talking to senseless! The style blog is going really well though. I love doing it, I just wish people would make a bit more effort at uni. Fair enough being relaxed and not glammed up but I'm tired of seeing hoodies and jeans! I want some pretty clothes to get photos of - I can only get photos from my wardrobe contents for so long!

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