Sunday, 1 November 2009

Shorthand procastination

So I really should be preparing for my shorthand lesson tomorrow but I'm not really in the mood.My friend Katie has just left the flat and a friend from back home has emailed me telling me they miss me. I'm feeling pretty chilled out.I think my feet have finally dried out from the downpour that happened here this morning!

Bit of a lovely day today :) Minus the rain that is. Helped out at Kids Ministry at church today,consoling Joy the pastor's youngest daughter because she thought there weren't enough chocolate coins to go around and that she,as the youngest,would get the least. She's absolutely adorable, is Joy. I loved helping out at KM,it reminded me of taking Sunday School classes.I don't think I'd realised just how much I'd missed that.

I'm anxious to get this week out of the way,regardless of the meaning that I'd have one week less to work on my essay.I'm so excited for my home church's youth weekend away to Chellington.This will be my fifth(I think).I love going on these SO much and this year will be extra special because I get to see everyone from back home (including the lovely boyfriend Piers) for an entire weekend.Then go home for a few hours to play with my niece and have a roast dinner,courtesy of my mum.I've missed the simple things such as my mum's roast dinners being here.Then I'm back home the weekend after for reading week.Excitement!And the Taylor Swift gig with Mish :) Double excitement!

Right I probably really should get on with shorthand work before Piers comes online and we chat until one of us is ready to fall asleep,probably me at this point...I'm very sleepy today!

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