Thursday, 7 January 2010

Last few home days

Home has been absolutely lovely :) I've loved the luxury of picking between a bath and a shower, that has fully been taken advantage of. It's been so good to see friends,family and Piers. Maddie has been particularly cute; it's so weird to think that she's gonna be two this year :| She seems to like holding my hand when we go out or me sitting next to her when we're at my dad's house. She'll sit on the bottom stair and pat the space next to her looking at me, then gets her huge cute grin on when I sit next to her. I think she's one of my weaknesses, cute grin plus the cow & gate baby advert laugh. Adorable!

It's odd to think I'm going back to uni on Sunday. I'm half looking forward to it and half not. I can't wait to see my uni friends and get back to my course (I've established that I'm a little bit in love with my course and am thus a uni geek...uneek ;]) but I'm bummed that I'm not going to be at home with my family for my birthday, two days after I go back up to Sunderland. Boo :( Plus Amy can't come with me now because her boss is being pants and refusing her holiday. Double boo :(

I already have my present from my brother and his girlfriend, who I've become friends with over Christmas which has been nice, which was £30 and a cute card. Yay :) However my mum has wrapped up my presents (one is a book, I felt it, and one looks like a CD. Not sure about the other two). She then placed them in my room, on my chest of drawers and has forbidden me to open them until my birthday. That's just cruel! I see Piers tomorrow and I've been promised his birthday present at some point over the weekend. Provided I pack nearly all my stuff and have tidied my room (which will happen by me packing) he's staying Saturday as well as Friday night which would be lovely. I genuinely detest saying goodbye to Piers. It's always the hardest one. Bring on September when we can be up north together and see each other properly throughout the year.

So Piers comes over tomorrow, I'm cooking dinner for us (something involving pasta, chicken, bacon and cheese sauce) and we'll have a general chill out then on Saturday we'll chill out during the day and head off to a friend's birthday party (hot drink and cakes can't wait!) for a few hours before returning here. I'm silently hoping for a Chinese take away for dinner because I love Chinese take away and I haven't had one since being home, egg fried rice and chicken balls from the local one or the usual from our usual take out further afield. Either is fine by me! :) Nom, nom, nom!

Halfway through my last essay. Want to get 200-300 words on that tomorrow at some point so I have less to do on the train home, I'm never motivated on train journeys and I know this well. Plus I need to practise shorthand a bit more before the assessment on Wednesday. I am rather nervous about it but I need to hold my nerves in as this is actually what makes me go wrong. Provided I can remember the passage I should be okay as this is what we're marked on. Good stuff!

I'm not really sure what to do about my birthday. I'm thinking...get back and book a table at the local Frankie and Benny's and just go with some of the uni about 8 of us...I think... *runs them off in her head* yeah eight of us. Ooooo good calculation skills there, that's why I'm at uni ;)

I met up with my pastor's wife yesterday. Most awkward part of our conversation? When she tried to have the sex talk with me :| Most amusing part? Her reference to Piers' and mine relationship as a "special friendship". Still short of us getting married there isn't much we can do to say "hey look, we actually are serious here!" But talks with your pastor's wife is very cringey. Thankfully I grasped where she was going with the conversation, quickly reassured her and steered the conversation away from said topic within a sentence. Awkwardness averted :)

Hmm it's 1:10am and I need to be up early to get control of the washing machine (nobody has ever done so much washing in our house as my brother's girlfriend does,it's insane!). I also need to pack which requires me to hunt down everything as all my stuff has kind of disbanded from my suitcase to every room in the house I venture into and occupy random places I don't remember putting them. Fun times! :)

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