Friday, 8 January 2010


Okay so I've been up just over an hour now and I'm about 1/3 through my packing...well packing of my suitcase anyway!I've got two loads of washing going (one in the actual washing machine,one in the tumble drier) and I'm slowly gathering up all my bits from throughout the house.My room does look tidier so my scheme worked (pack and my room will be tidier...thus Piers can stay two nights instead of one courtesy of mother's requirements). I've put my (evily placed) birthday presents in my suitcase,thus removing temptation.Still have a fair amount of space which is good given the whole two loads of washing that need to fit in there,plus a white wash (darned lack of colour catchers in this house!) I think most of my stuff is on my desk which makes it easier. Taking a few new books with me,some new clothes and leaving some behind.

It keeps snowing!Grr!On the plus side,if the co-op has no chicken in store when I go to complete the ingredients for tonights dinner,the sauce has ham and bacon in it.Sorted ;) Still,I should go to the co-op to check...and stock up on yummy stuff and Glamour magazine which I spied yesterday.I'm limiting myself to a magazine a day,which isn't hard,to streamline my spending :p

I really wanna know what the box is birthday present wise.I've guessed I already have one CD and two books but there's a giant box all wrapped up and it's pricking my curiosity every now and then.Oh I love birthday suspense :)

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