Thursday, 21 January 2010


I’ve always had a thing for customising my outfits. Be it simply sticking a badge or a bow on a bag, and using ribbon instead of laces in my Converse I’ve usually kept it pretty low key. However I haven’t really done much customising-wise since aforementioned ribbon over laces in the Converse a few years ago. Not until last night anyway. Upon buying a top/waistcoat combo from New Look this week I promptly separated the two (it would’ve happened of the top’s own accord anyway, the waistcoat was attached with a bit of flimsy elastic) and whilst the top was fine the waistcoat, I noted, lacked definition when worn. It kind of just hung there. Fair enough but if you like a bit more of a close fit with jackets and waistcoats, like I do, this posed a problem.

Which is where customisation comes in. Thanks to my grandma I’ve had several beautiful and unique brooches in my possession for the past year or so. One of them in particular is probably not what you’d see adorning most people’s jackets, bags or wherever they so choose to stick a brooch. This brooch is a metal lizard, complete with little red eyes, as if it’s climbing. So after a bit of experimentation with some of the other brooches I struck upon this one and positioned it so it draws the waistcoat in and managed to get it to look as if the lizard is climbing up the waistcoat. Cleverly cute?

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