Sunday, 7 November 2010

All Apologies, baby news and a weekend trip

I am so sorry for abandoning you recently my lovely readers. Things here have been absolute manic with two big deadlines on the same day, organisation and editing for the uni's online magazine Detour as well as last minute organisation for the Christian Union's weekend away. Basically I've been one busy bee!

I got back from the weekend away a few hours ago. I'm absolutely shattered thanks to about eight hours sleep over the past two nights. My essay and portfolio piece have both been handed in and I've dealt with the majority of the editing stuff I have to for now.

On the baby news, my nephew Alfie was finally born Friday 5 November a little bit before 3am. My brother's girlfriend had to be induced in the end. I go home next weekend to meet him and I'm super excited. In the meantime I have to make do with a picture:

On the weekend front, I didn't really take that many pictures (for me anyway) and only ended up with about 50, mostly of the evening cabaret I organised and a few random ones of the walk we did on the first night.

So the photo on the left is the prop table for the evening cabaret. There were about 35 of us on the weekend (Sunderland uni Christian Union, Stockton's and Teeside's) which saw us all staying at a youth hostel in a town known as Keswick in the Lake District area. It's beautiful there. Anyway, the photo on the right is my friend's Jen and Laura and myself outside a pretty shop during a shopping trip. Some sweet random man stopped and offered to take a picture of all of us when he saw me taking the photo of Jen and Laura which was really nice of him. You can see mine and Jen's beautiful wellies in this picture too, always a bonus!

With that I shall leave you now, I need some food and sleep if I'm to be able to get in for my 9am start at uni tomorrow! I promise I'll update better from now on.

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