Saturday, 23 October 2010

OOTD: Strong Enough To Love Someone

Oh hi a little bit of Mcfly in the title. I'm rather obsessed with this song at the moment!

Now, regular readers of this here blog will now I don't really do personal outfit posts (I think this is my first one...ever) but I quite liked my outfit today so I thought I'd take a leap and do one, even if it never happens again. Apologies in advance for the quality, nobody else was around in my flat this morning so I had to take it myself!

I haven't really been up to much today. There was a Fair Trade event at the Museum and Winter Gardens opposite the flat so I ventured across the road this morning to have a bit of a gander and see if I could pick up some Christmas presents (which I did). I've also covered it for the uni online magazine Detour (which launches next week, definitely looking forward to that).

The top is my freebie top from a gaming convention I took my boyfriend to this summer. It was a bad shape on me at first due to a horrid high neckline but after a little play about with my scissors it looks a lot better. For a bit of a girlish edge (as I was wearing jeans today thanks to horrible weather) I teamed the t-shirt with my H&M pink waistcoat.

Accessories wise I kept it pretty simple. My H&M headband and a few necklaces. The owl one is a bargain I snapped up in Topshop's sale for £3.75 and my Rock 'n' Rose scrabble tile one is a firm favourite out of all my necklaces.

I'm planning another weekend wonder post so I'll post a few pictures of items I bought today that aren't presents as part of it.

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