Friday, 11 February 2011

H is for Happy; week three

♥Taylor Swift. My tickets for her Speak Now tour date in London came today. Props to my mum for knowing this would be worth texting me about and brightening up my day.

♥CANDY! Sweet Home Alabama is an amazing sweet shop just down the road from my uni flat and does my favourite sweets for a decent price. I introduced a friend to the shop this week and they love it as much as I do.

♥The Saturdays. I saw these lovely ladies in Newcastle on Monday and it was excellent. I wasn't sure what they would be like live but they are good. I love this picture the most from all the ones I took on the night. Mollie (my favourite) just looks ready to party and this was my favourite costume set they had.

♥Hanging out and being goofy (on the odd occasion) with a friend/friends. My friend Kerri from back home came to visit me this week. She arrived on Monday (she came with me to see the Saturdays) and left this evening (Friday) and slept on my floor in my comfier-than-my-bed sleeping bag. I loved having her visit and enjoyed taking her to Lush, Paperchase, the Disney Store and Sweet Home Alabama - none of which we have back home.

♥Converse. I treated myself to these last week (thank you bursary) and have almost been living in them since then. I think there's been the odd occasion where I've just popped across the road to Wilko in ballet pumps but my love affair with Converse has been reignited this week.

And that is five things that has been making my life lovely this week.

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