Friday, 4 February 2011

H is for Happy; week two

Good evening everybody! Well haven't I been absolutely dreadful at posting this week? Sorry! Uni started up for me again this week so I've been adjusting both sleep wise and general time wise. My timetable's pretty pants this time as I'm in everyday without fail but two days I'm only in for one lecture/workshop with nothing else, which kind of sucks but I can't change it because the other days are pretty jam-packed.

Oh well, regardless. Here is my second post of H is for Happy...

006: Gossip Girl is back in my life! After the rather ridiculous break, GG is back which means I can envy Blair's amazing wardrobe and enjoy her wonderful lines.

007: Cooking. I've really been getting my bake on recently. This is my key piece at the moment: good old fashioned toad in the hole with mash and veg. I think this has been cooked three times in the last week? It always goes down a treat though.

008: PEZ! I finally got round to buying new PEZ sweets after months of carrying an empty Pluto PEZ dispenser around in my handbag (whoops!) I think Strawberry PEZs are my favourite. What's yours? Do you even have PEZ any more?

009: I may have indulged in my headband obsession again this week...It was a very pretty ivory coloured bow headband from Primark for a barginous £1! They've got some adorable jewellery in at the moment and cushions too.

010: Body confidence has always been an issue for me for as long as I can remember. Which in a way is kind of sad because yes this does extend to childhood...anyway the last week has been a bit of a breakthrough and I'm having more confidence r:e my looks. Plus walking everywhere as you do at uni means I've been toning up for free without much effort!

And that's the lot! Roll on next week!

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