Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Benefit Beauty Buys

Why hello alliteration in the title! Sorry, excuse my dorky moment there. Today I have behaved exactly like a uni student with their loan and had a mini shop. In my defence some things were needed (sleeping bag for a trip away this weekend and posting mum's birthday presents so they'd be there for Sunday).

However others weren't. Some of said others were from New Look and shall be coming up on here soon but this post is about the beauty section of my buying. Or more specifically, the Benefit buys (because I'm sure nobody care about my Lush face mask and toner tablet purchases as much).

I had a £2 off voucher thanks to my advantage card to spend on either lipstick or mascara in (obviously) Boots. Handily for me, my local boots (at uni anyway) is home to a Benefit counter. Hurrah! So I indulged myself make up wise and purchased the waterproof Bad Gal mascara.

Benefit Bad Gal waterproof mascara in black, £16.50

While I was paying for it the Benefit assistant told me about the celebrity files they do. Basically I signed up, got a freebie and get a free make up lesson in a couple of weeks before going home for summer. I got given the total moisture facial cream from the b.right! range they do (I do believe it's quite new still. Very exciting!) I used some this evening and my face is so soft and yummy smelling. Totally a good combination. I might just be tempted to buy some more after my make up lesson. Or perhaps something cheaper...

Benefit b.right! Total Moisture facial cream £7.31 (ish) in this trial pack
of the range OR £26.50 for a normal sized one

At £26.50 a pop I might have to stick that on the Christmas list and go for something cheaper like a lipstick. Conveniently I do actually need a new lipstick as my favourite one broke ages ago when I dropped it and I haven't found a decent colour for me since then.

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