Wednesday, 25 May 2011

H is for Happy week 15

Good evening everybody! I know it's only Wednesday night but I've got exams tomorrow and Friday and plan on crashing once they're done so I doubt I'll be posting anything in the next few days unless I really feel I need to. It's been a bit mixed so far this week. I've not been sleeping very well again (what's new there, right?) and my knee is still injured. One of my friends went through something similar and said it might be a sprained ligament. Fun, huh? So I'm supposed to be resting but have a 40 minute round-about journey to uni per exam. *Sighs* Guess I'll be living off anti-inflammatory tablets/cream and ice with my foot propped up for the next few days until I can legitimately collapse and refuse to resurface from my room for a long stretch.

Anyway, complaints about my injury out of the way (bring on Boots trip tomorrow for Deep Heat/Deep Freeze is all I can say!) here is this week's H is for Happy:

♥Cake baking: these particular beauties were made a couple of weeks ago with a friend/flatmate of mine but I made some more cakes yesterday with her in a fit of "let's make cake"/"my eggs are out of date tomorrow!" The results of said batch are in a Tupperware box in my food cupboard.

♥Meaningful flowers: it's 3 months this week since my grandma died so as kind of a memorial thing for her I bought two bunches of Irises (her name) and a yellow Gerba daisy as she liked purple and yellow flowers. It's something nice to remember her and it's made my room smell lovely as well which is always a bonus.

♥The relief of finishing an exam: one down, four to go. Or rather, two down; three to go as I shall be saying tomorrow afternoon. The first exam I had, on Tuesday, went rather well and I even finished a bit earlier than expected meaning I got to leave the rather stuffy room we were using for the exam and get some fresh air. The worst of my exams is tomorrow so this feeling will be particularly strong then, even if I can't jump for joy

♥Random compliments: or rather, unexpected compliments. I was talking to a couple I'm friends with on Sunday at church and they both informed me I was looking nice (or "well" as it was put), asked if I'd lost weight and told that the colour of my top really suited me. I'd actually gone there in a fairly bad mood so the complete unexpectedness and genuineness of it really cheered me up.

White Blank Page by Mumford and Sons; I know a ton of people went on about this song when it first came out but it came up on my iTunes shuffle tonight and reminded me of how much I love it all over again. This version is from the Bookshop Session they did and I prefer it to the official studio quality one as I think it's a lot more raw and passionate that way.

Speaking of music I love right now, I've been addicted all day to the Glee original song Light Up the World from the season finale. I won't spoil it as I've been a bit cheeky and watched it already when it's not out yet until later in the UK. Check it out, below, and see how catchy it is for yourself!

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