Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Blog Issue 2

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This week's issue is: Promotion.

This is something I struggle with, in all honesty. I have never been all that bold, confident and pushy in anything I do and I find it awkward to be all "LOOK AT ME AND MY AMAZING THING/ACT/SELF" etc. This isn't necessarily bad in itself as, let's face it, if we all went around bragging about how awesome we were eventually everyone would get sick of everyone else and things would get violent pretty quickly, right?

However this has meant it's an issue when it comes to promoting this here darling blog of mine. In my head I'm a 20 year old woman who enjoys writing, fashion and various other things that trickle onto this blog. To quote that old cliché, I write for myself. I'm not going to lie and say I wouldn't love it if more people read my blog, because I get a surge of excitement when I see anyone has read my blog, regardless of whether they comment or not (although comments would be nice...)

So I'm stuck in a catch:22. I would, in reality, like to know more people are reading/'following' my blog, but I suck at promoting it. If I was amazing at promotions I'd be doing PR as my degree, not journalism. I do the writing side.

Of course there's the beautiful tool of social networking and most posts do end up on my twitter and facebook urging my friends/Twitter 'followers' to read x/y/z post but that's about all I know how to do. Other people's blogs seem to gain a zillion followers, comments etc in the world's shortest amount of time, while I've been going for over a year and officially have 6.

Maybe it's because I do suck at promo. I'm not winging about the six I do have as I'm totally thankful to them for reading this, as I'm thankful for the comments I get. I guess I'm just trying to work out this part of blogging still. In my head I'm still stuck in the "this is somewhere for me to rant, and if people like it then so be it" frame of mind.

What do you think? Should promotion be an important factor in the running of your blog?

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  1. I have this issue too! It also doesn't help that 'blogging' has got a stigma from many of my friends as done by someone who is self-centred. So for me social network advertising brings more criticism then it does new readers!

    I think one brilliant way of promoting yourself if forums on the same topic as your blog (for example I'm a big fan of the Cosmopolitan Food & Drink forum) and have met other bloggers that way and we follow each other regularly!

    Another good way is Blog Directories, though these are often American!

    Also just getting out there and reading more blogs yourself! I've found quite a few other student food blogs now and we have some brilliant discussions! I think it's about networking as much as outright promotion!

    I hope you continue to enjoy writing your blog, because us 6 love reading it!


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