Monday, 7 December 2009

Christmas soon

I'm so looking forward to Christmas.I get to go home,see friends,family and Piers...and be warm!And eat proper food at regular times.And watch tv when I want.Joys!I've got into the Christmas vibe pretty quickly already this month and have some tinsel and a mini pink Christmas tinsel tree put up in my room.All I need is my laptop back,connected to the internet and itunes back on it and I can get Christmas music on m ipod.

I'm prepared this year as well.I've bought everyone's presents already,most of them are wrapped up in a big bag in my wardrobe at the flat.With the exception of Piers' presents as I dragged them home with me when I went home for reading week so they need wrapping up when I get back.

Yay Christmas :)

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