Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Snow,sales and sims

Delayed maybe but yay for the white Christmas we had! Also yay for not getting snowed in up in Newcastle/Sunderland - I found out that shortly after I got on my train home they cancelled a whole bunch of trains so good timing there!

Christmas was lovely.I got lots of smelly bath related things...I think people are trying to tell me I smell?I also got two huge fake Gerber daisies from my friend Katie which are currently adorning my uni desk :) Plus my candy making bracelet set is there too,waiting for me to make candy related bracelets. Yummy! Hit the boxing day sales with Christmas money to spend and mother to drive me there. Peacocks was brilliant for me sales wise. I spent £25 and got: a turquoise printed dress (a size smaller than I usually am.Yay :] ), a beautiful purple leopard print cardigan which my best friend wants to steal, a leopard print headband with a giant leopard print bow (beautiful-ness) plus some tights and socks which aren't so beautiful (although the socks are actually quite cutely patterned) but are practical as I was running low on tights and they were only £2. I also got Vogue when we went into boots quickly and got my glossy fashion fix.

Just got in from blowing most of the £50 New Look gift card I got from my brother and his girlfriend. I found the top I wanted from back in Sunderland's New Look (after about 5 minutes of searching through the collection I recognised it from), bought a beautiful pink lace dress (at £28 it was expensive but it's pretty and it's pink, plus it wasn't technically my money so I didn't feel so guilt), their rose print tunic which was half price for some random reason and a really nice necklace although I think I might give it to my friend for her birthday which is two days after mine.

After a brief harrowing moment with my card (dad's payment hadn't gone in; I had no money. Sad and embarrassing) in the Entertainment Exchange I managed to get Sims triple dulex (basically the sims plus 3 add ons) for £10 courtesy of my brother's girlfriend stepping in to pay for it until dad's money does go in.

NYE tomorrow. If he's better I'm going to Piers' house and staying in his spare room to save me coming back at stupid o'clock and dragging mum out of bed to get me. I haven't seen him for about a week and a half which is stupid and annoying because I'm home from uni so I should be able to see him loads. However Christmas = family and often family = travel. He got back yesterday, was ill and thus any ideas of seeing him were banished. Boo :( It did however give me the chance to get pretty clothes, outfit for tomorrow will be among them and I'll decide what one later today, and has also meant I get time to work on my essay and not panic when it gets to Sunday next week and it's due in two days.

Technically work is planned out. I've given myself until next Monday/Tuesday to do my one on journalist's grammar and then all next week to do my cyberculture one and then do my article the first week back when I'm better placed to hound sources (read: use the news room's phones to ring sources rather than my mobile).

Final bit of excitement; it's my birthday soon! In two weeks I will officially be 19. Which is kinda scary, it feels like I've been 18 for AGES and so much has happened this year, it'll be a bit weird to be older. I'm excited for it even more because although I'll be at uni for my birthday (damn you assessment!) I get to spend it with my best friend because she's coming up for my first week back to spend time with me and so she's there for my actual birthday. Good times :)

And I should really get off here and do my essay ;) But first a spot of very late lunch methinks, I've only had toast today and after an hour and a half of walking and shopping I doubt that I have those calories left in me. Food before work is always a good option.

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