Monday, 7 December 2009

Clothes Show Live,laptop withdrawals and being a student

In reverse order ;) Being a student is becoming more of a disillusioned topic now. I'm poor,ill and the electric in the flat keeps dying because people are pants in my flat :) Plus homesickness and I was (rather ashamedly) crying when answering the simple question my dad asked me on the phone: how are you? I cried, my brother heard me crying and told my mum when he went home.Cue mum phoning me in a maternal worry wanting to know why her youngest child,aka only daughter, was crying hysterically on the phone to her ex-husband.When she'd eventually managed to decipher through my sobs what was wrong,she gave me some consolation and then left me to cry over my friend's bed. Then sent me some chocolate which I got the next day.

Now,the laptop issue.It broke during reading week (grrr hardrive issues!) and was taken away by mr courier promising it would be back soon.It wasn't.I recieved a phone call from my mother asking why they'd tried delivering it to the house.I had no idea, they'd told me they would text me when it was ready and send it to the uni address.Both failed to materialise.So it was rescheduled to Thursday.My delivery time scope?7:30am to 7:30pm.Not impressed but I needed my laptop.It was my connection to church back home,friends back home,news which saved me money buying newspapers and could then spend on magazines instead and enabled me to have long,cost-free chats with Piers on skype (I love who ever made skype!).So I woke up at 7:20am ready to get it back and reinstall EVERYTHING.

So what happened?It didn't show up.They (delivery company) hadn't been told to deliver it again,let alone to uni.PC world said they'd told the delivery company to do it...hence the aforementioned teary phone calls.So, to conclude this drama over a piece of technology...I have to go get it myself from the nearest PC World to halls.Which, had my friend (yay you!) said she couldn't drive me I would've had to walk down rape/stab alley...with a laptop...when someone got mugged last week.No ta :)

And now,the most fun bit of this rather long blog post.Clothes Show Live.It was awesome!Off we went,Emily,Nic,myself and the rest of the detour girls at stupid o'clock in the morning,freezing cold and wanting to sleep on the freezing mini bus but failing.Basically I missed a full day at uni to go look at pretty clothes and spend money which I only had thanks to mother dearest putting pity money in my account.(£50 of Barry M make up for £10...well if you insist!) And why were my lecturers okay with this?Because I was going to do an article about it when I got back so it counted as experience.Legend. Got back at just past 9pm to the flat and managed to just casually dump my stuff over the floor,give some freebie things to Katie,phone Piers and collapse on my bed for sleep.Bliss :)

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