Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Whoops :)

Sorry for the neglect! I feel like I haven't blogged in ages. To be honest there hasn't been anything monumental going on to blog about. I've been asked to be president of the Christian Union next year (yay!) and been home a fair bit. I've also got new pretty stuff :) Mostly of the Lush variety but a few lovely pieces of clothes in there too. I think I'll do separate blog posts about them though, mainly because I want pictures and I need to find my camera usb cable amongst the unpacked junk in my suitcase. I have begun to allow myself Lush indulgences though, having a) located the nearest Lush I could realistically visit and b)fancying some indulgence of delightfully smelling products. I just have to grasp my focus away from their bath bombs (darn lack of baths in the uni halls I'm in) and instead invest in their other beauty products.

A fair enough trade as I've found some favourites to go on my "beauty buys I enjoy" list. I'm also looking forward to Thursday as, having used all the beauty stuff I've been indulging in, I will smell lovely and have wonderful skin/hair/lips thanks to the products for when I see Piers. Good stuff :)

Stay tuned for the Lush and clothes posts :)

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