Thursday, 18 March 2010

H; Henry Holland for Debenhams

I managed to get a looksie at the new Henry Holland for Debenhams collection today. May I say Mr Holland; job well done. At first it was the pictures of Pixie Geldof modelling the clothes that drew my attention when walking around town today, but then I saw exactly what she was modelling and I all but ran into the store.

This collection does not disappoint. From blazers to playsuits, from camisoles to bagazines and all things in-between this collection is both brilliant and affordable. Yes the more expensive pieces are between £25 and £40 but so are a lot of things on the high street. My particular favourites are:

This cutesy bow headband, £4
This adorable charm bracelet, £12
This print-clash playsuit, £25
This beaut of a dress, £28
This "bagazine" clutch £25
This hot pink checked dress, £25

and finally...

This ditsy playsuit plus cute belt £35 (which is the highest up on my "I want it!" list from this collection)

The full collection is available on Debenhams website (which offers the option of free delivery to your nearest store, check on the website to see if your local Debenhams is included) as well as being sold partially in Debenhams stores.

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