Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Make up tip

So I'm fully aware this is quite a repeated tip. However this is the first time I've actually put this one into practise. I was getting bored of my bare nails after two weeks varnish free for nail breathing space so tonight I painted my nails with Barry M gold glitter varnish. However I'd forgotten a)how much I usually put on for a bold colour and b)how long this then takes to dry.

So to avoid glittery hands (the varnish runs due to the thickness I apply, two coats doesn't look as good as one coat simply loaded on) I filled my sink up with cold water and dipped my hands in for approximately a minute and a half. I believe the recommended time is between one and two minutes.

Overall this worked pretty well. I did however smudge a couple of bits when I was drying off my hands where the nail hadn't fully dried yet, so perhaps the full two minutes is required for complete effectiveness. I think next time I'll stick to my old technique: blowing on the nails every now and then and typing strangely if I have to.

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