Tuesday, 2 March 2010


So I've been away all weekend on a UCCF training weekend in preparation for becoming my CU's president next academic year so I was unable to collect my semester one results online when they were released Friday night. One of the first things I did upon returning back at the flat on Sunday night (after food, grabbing Katie for potential friend comforting and semi-unpacking) was to log on to the uni network and look them up. Wonderfully I passed everything. I only failed one essay and that only counted for 10% of the module so I passed that one regardless. The lowest grade I got was a 2:2, and I received a handful of firsts; which was amazing!

I had to retake shorthand at the beginning of February and have, literally within the last hour, received my results from this after a chance encounter with my shorthand tutor. The result? I passed, possibly with 100%, or at most only one mistake. Hurrah!

Throw into the mix that the woman who runs the website I write a music column for (fingertips, google my name and the word blog and it's one of the first posts that come up) emailed me yesterday saying how impressed they were with my work, that they saw a lot of potential in it and wanted me to develop my blog. Basically where before I was told to keep it to a limit I'm now being encouraged to write more and expand on my view. Good times all around :)

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