Monday, 24 May 2010

Long time no blog!Make-up haul

Eek sorry for the extreme delay in posts these last few weeks. I've yet to unearth my camera and the cable from my uni bags and most of my recent hauls have been from Primark (meaning no pictures online,boo). I did however cave in to the wondrous Boots and their 3 for 2 offer on the majority of their make up ranges. Thanks to some babysitting money I was able to splurge out and get a new lipstick, nail varnish and mascara. I stuck to my three favourite brands available in Boots picking from Barry M, Boot's 17 collection and Boot's Natural Collection

I plumped for a shade from 17's new lipstick range, Mirror Shine On, called Beehive. It isn't the brightest of colours but it's brilliant and my lips stayed hydrated while it was on. It lasts a fair few hours and at £4.49 is pretty good value for money. There's a huge range of colours so maybe next time I'll risk a brighter shade.

I also treated myself to one of Barry M's new "Ice Cream" nail polish shades, opting for the Berry colour although I was tempted by the Blueberry colour. However I could always go back and get Blueberry too as the polishes are only £2.95 and look amazing when on. One coat is good enough to look nice but I find two coats make the colour stand out even more.

Finally, and on a more practical note, I headed straight to the Natural Collection to pick up some new, much-needed mascara. I may vary from time to time (I did go through a Benefit stage, followed by The Body Shop) I always come back to the Natural Collection for mascara. At £1.99 per go and available in a variety of colours this mascara is the best I've come across at a purse-friendly price - something that's very important for a student like myself! I tend to go for the waterproof mascara and the brown/black shade as this is most suited to my mascara needs but at this price you can easily afford to experiment with the different product options available.

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