Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Lush stock-up

So it's my last few days up north in Sunderland before I go home for summer. While I'm looking forward to it, there is no Lush back home (the closest I'm aware of is London) and thus I know I will probably end up wanting to get a face mask and bath bombs and thus get upset that I couldn't...so I decided to stock up before going home. I got four different bath bombs (I already have three in my drawer at the flat waiting to come home with me), a Lush scarf (meant to be part of the gift wrap set but they let me buy one seperately). Not only that but they gave me a BB Seaweed facemask for free. Free facemasks? Oh I'm glad I indulged today :)

The bath bombs I purchased today are:

Space Girl, £1.85
Keep it Fuffy, £2.25
Ickle Baby Bot, £1.75
Blackberry bath bomb , £2.65

Also for your peepers is the face mask I got free today, BB Seaweed (usually £6.45)

Great for problem dry skin like mine (not helped out at all by weather issues such as wind) this face mask smells yummy and has actual bits of seaweed in, leaving skin lovely and smooth.
I'll post a picture of the scarf up when I unearth my camera after arriving home on Thursday, so it'll be up around the weekend but Lush scarves are about £3.45 as part of their gift-wrap scheme and there's lots to pick from so have a looksie.
All pictures in this post are from Lush's website

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  1. We also have a Lush in Cambridge which isn't too far from home ;) Failing that, we WILL do a Lush stock up in London when we go for the Clotheshow! XO


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