Monday, 24 May 2010

Summer is coming...

...and I have the wardrobe to prove it.My jumpers are buried, as are the majority of my jeans and boots.As mentioned in my earlier post most of my summer hauls are founded in Primark so you'll have to be patient for those ones. However my student discount perks have allowed me to venture into New Look every now and then. On one such occassion I was lucky enough to find this pretty little dress:

Reduced from £12 to a bargain £8 (minus £1.60 thanks to 20% student discount) this dress comes in a variety of colours and is still available in store and online.I picked out this light purple colour but there's greens and the like available as well.

The dress itself is figure-flattering with it's elasticated waist emphasising and slimming the waist, the v-neck is long-celebrated for flattering us girls and the length is great for the shape of one's legs. Throw in the cute detailing of crochet on the shoulders (and crochet is not something I usually go for) and I was sold.

More summer wardrobe hauls to come soon, I promise!

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