Monday, 28 June 2010

Clothes Show London: Celeb Watch

Sorry it's been a bit longer than anticipated in updating, I've had a crazy busy weekend! Anyway, this entry shall be dedicated to the people I met at Clothes Show London. Usually the celebrities are a bit harder to spot at Clothes Show, however this time myself and my friend Imogen managed to get lucky and met several of the celebrities scheduled for the Friday event. First of all we managed to get a photo with Michelle Keegan after she presented on More!'s "What I Bought" show at the style stage. She was lovely and friendly and more than happy to pose for a photo:

Then we ambled around for a bit (picking up some freebies along the way) and at the Corona beach stage/bar section spotted Dave Berry posing for pictures and signing autographs. I quite like Dave Berry, I think he's funny so I jumped in the queue and was rewarded with both a picture and an autograph:

Then at a face mask stall the cast of Legally Blonde: The Musical were posing for photos briefly in the afternoon and we managed to get one with them. I'll be honest I saw the ad for it and thought "DUNCAN JAMES!". He's been replaced with Richard Fleeshman, who is just as good and was more than happy to give me an autograph. (The girl next to me is Imogen, the aforementioned friend who I got to spend a fun day with)

Finally we headed to More! magazine's stall and had our picture taken with two of their male models. While they're not celebrities as such they had as long a queue for pictures than any of the celebrities. So here they are:

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