Friday, 25 June 2010

Clothes Show London style spots

Hello my lovelies. So this Friday my friend Imogen and I attended the opening day of Clothes Show London. I have many pictures to show you all (I took over 400 but don't worry I'll select a chosen few to share) but I'll trail them out over the weekend.

First though I wish to show you some of the well-dressed girls I ran into during the course of the day. As well as Corination Street's Michelle Keegan, who was sporting a pretty bright jumpsuit, I also photog'd Alison in this very pretty playsuit with some awesome boots and a beaut of a bag:

I think that the best bit of the playsuit is the beading on the neckline. But I really love the bag and those boots are amazing!

I also photog'd one of the stall workers at the Carnaby Street section:

Pretty and practical, this combo of a floral crop top, mustard yellow shorts and white pumps go amazingly well together. My favourite bit of this outfit is definitely the shorts, I want some like this!

Finally, here is a couple of pictures of Michelle Keegan sporting her graphic jumpsuit:

I couldn't really see very well from the back row of the More! stage but up close when I got a picture with her (she was so friendly!) it's beautiful and the colours work together really well.

And so I leave you until the next instalment of Clothes Show London related posts. Do you want the fashion show or to see some of my haul first?

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