Monday, 7 June 2010

Skirt mania

Maybe it's summer, or maybe it's just something I'm into at the moment but a lot of my wardrobe now consists of skirts. From floral to polka dot, knee length to mini, cream to multi-coloured I have a pretty good selection. My main skirt-buying takes place in Primark where their skirts are cheap but still ultra pretty, although New Look and Peacocks also get a look in every now and then.

My favourite recent skirt purchase is this one:

Skirt, £9, Primark.

The 50s vibe of this skirt makes me very happy and thanks to the cream colour I can team it with most of my tops. It is a bit tights around the waist thanks to the side-zip and button combo so if possible I'd recommend going a size up for comfort (unless you're lucky enough to be/know a great seamstress in which case I'm sure you can get something about that done).

1 comment:

  1. Ooh cutie ;) I'm a sucker for a pretty skirt as you well know, but I've been much more drawn to a noice pair of shorts this summer :O xx


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