Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Supermarket finds: Asda

Apologies for the 'wonderful' mess you can see in the first photo, having just moved back from uni there's boxes everywhere so tidiness is a bit low right now. However I love my wardrobe for the fairylights and cardigan belt you can see adorning it. But onto the dress...

Dress, £8, Asda

Although this beauty of a dress isn't online anymore I think you're still in with a chance of getting it, they sell a similar one in orange online so perhaps just a colour change if you can't find it? Anyway on one of my many late-night paroozle's around Asda back at uni (there were many) my happy little peppers spotted this dress hiding in a corner.

Now, purple is one of my favourite colours and this shade is gorgeous! The clinging waist and the scoop neck give an amazing figure in their usual ultra-flattering ways. Throw in the cute back detail and I was sold!

What about you; have you made any surprising (and amazing) supermarket finds recently?

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