Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Street Style - Sunderland Uni

Wow so it's been a while since I've done one of these posts (the last one was circa Clothes Show London this summer) but I digress, this week as part of the Christian Union I've been on the main city campus for Uni flyering to let fresher's know that a) we exist and that b) we're putting on free events this week (whoooo for free stuff!)

Anyway, so I've had my camera with me all week but nothing really struck me until I saw this girl walk past with possibly the most brilliant outfit I've seen in a while...

Being the sucker for detail I am, I picked up immediately on her two-tone tights in black and brown (you can just about see a sliver of the black on this photo, apologies this is my fault) and her cool boots with giant colourful dots on them. Throw in the headscarf, cute bag and cardigan and an admittedly lovely lbd is transformed into an outfit of epic proportions.

And for the fact that fresher's make an effort in the first few weeks with their clothes makes it a lot more likely I'll chance upon a few more Street Styles to post before everyone reverts to jeans and a hoody so keep your eyes peeled!

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