Monday, 13 September 2010

Zip It

Apologies for the none-too-creative title...

So as of Saturday I became a fully-fledged uni student again. Which means full-fledged uni student budgeting. Which means Primark visits. Today Katie and I did a bit of shopping (in a semi-downpour, which is a bad idea people) and this is one of my new headbands.

Now regular readers will be aware that I have a slight headband obsession. So when I chanced upon this particular headband today I immediately wanted it. Similar to one I saw in Accessorize for £10, I thought £1.50 for this one was a bargain in comparison! And thus, the headband ended up in the basket and on my head as I type this :)

Black and gold are two colours that, generally, go really well together. Plus I adore the zip detailing (I am a sucker for cute detailing).

1 comment:

  1. i love how you describe the weather as a semi-downpour, you can so tell you're a southener, that's mild by my northern standards :) xxx


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