Monday, 6 September 2010

Macmillan "Free Hugs" t-shirt

I ventured into the New Look near work again (I know, I know I need to stop doing this) today and as well as a skirt from their Apricot line I found in the sale (which will be posted later) I came across this cute pink Macmillan t-shirt. Firstly, I love pink - which is what drew me to this top in the first place. I haven't been big on slogan t's for a while but who can deny free hugs?

Secondly this t-shirt has money going to Macmillan cancer support, a charity which means a lot to me as my grandad is going through a battle with cancer and Macmillan send a staff member round every so often which I think is helpful to him.

The top is sold out on New Look's website but I'm sure there'll be some hanging around particular shops. There's also two other designs (one is in blue and the other in yellow I do believe if I'm remembering correctly) so you could also go for one of those, or get all three!


  1. Ooo Kerri is deeply considering venturing into Newlook when I get payed Friday :D the yellow is sounding good to me :D x

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