Thursday, 19 November 2009

Kate Moss' whoopsie

Oh Kate Moss,why did you not think before you spoke?Even if you didn't mean to promote anorexia surely it crossed your mind that saying "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" was not a good thing?And no I don't care about the statement released citing it was taken out of context.Unless the context meant it was followed by "...this is a silly mantra,food is good and it's healthy to eat" or something of the like, what you said would always be bad.
And I thought we were making progress with *sarcastic gasp* size 12 models on the *looks mockingly scandalised* fashion runway at the big fashion weeks.
Its ridiculous and people in the public eye should really think before they speak.For some young girl/tween/teen who looks up to Kate Moss that comment could be the point at which they think "yeah food is stupid.I wanna be thin like Kate" and get dragged into the dispair this is an eating disorder.I've been there,it is hellish on so many levels and leaves mental scars even if there are no physical ones.

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