Wednesday, 10 February 2010

"I only went to Asda for bread and butter...and came back with PJs!"

As said by me, to my father when he phoned and we were berating going into supermarkets wanting one thing and emerging with at least one spontaneous buy. Mine on this occasion was the above pair of PJs. Granted, I did actually need some new PJs given the last ones were now too big around the waist (constant PJ trouser up-pulling is not what you want to be doing during a fire drill at 4am) so my buying on a whim wasn't too ridiculous. At only £8 these PJs from Asda fulfil the two ps I look for when buying the majority of my clothes: pretty and practical. The combination of pink and blue checks on the trousers keeps them girly, and the buttons on the tank top does the same.

"As for the eye mask?" I hear you ask. That was an indulgence in Claire's Accessories, purchased while waiting for a couple of friends to meet me in the shopping centre up here. It was also a pretty good bargain, costing me only £4. Now to adjust to waking up and not being confused that I can't see anything...

1 comment:

  1. ahh the infamous asda trips! i only wanted milk, i managed to double my dvd and nice pantie collection! :P x


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