Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Work Uniform Get Out Clause

Bit of a lengthy title there, sorry about that lovelies! So a few nights ago I posted complaining/worried about my new job's uniform policy (very strict,none of my wardrobe meet it except a pair of shoes and some tops). Now, after two days there, I can reveal I have found a way to inject my style into my work wardrobe, which makes me very happy indeed!

First off we have make up. I usually keep it limited on the face make-up wise but I can use some bold colours on the eyes and keep the lips toned down. I've been using the No7 rainbow summer 2009 colour palette of eye shadows, 17 mirror shine lip stick and Boots Natural Collection mascara in brown/black. My Body Shop Yes lip balm has definitely come in handy this week as it's so dry in the office and I can't have chapped lips - they're way too horrible.

Given the early mornings I've also been using my benefit Eye Bright stick underneath my eye shadow. I wasn't sure about this product when I first got it as a freebie with an issue of Glamour magazine a few months ago but it is amazing! No way could I look even half awake at half 7 without this wonder of a product.

I've also extended attention to my nails, and this is an area I have to be a bit more careful with or risk getting in trouble. Policy states no bright colours so goodbye my summer brights and hello muted nudes and pastels. I've gone this week having a Rimmel fast dry varnish adorning my nails (possibly the Princess Pink shade,I can't remember the name) because it's light enough to be conservative but it also has sparkles in. And I do like my sparkles!

Secondly is jewellery. I have lots of this! And a lot of cute pieces. I've been wearing my This Charming Girl 'Long Distance Love' necklace the past few days as it's fairly discreet but still extremely cute and usually gets a comment/admiring glance or two.

In the name of staying co-ordinated I've also been wearing the gold ladybug bracelet my dad bought me when we visited Turkey a few summers back, my Primark flower ring and the earrings I received from Piers for our anniversary last year.

Finally, there's my shoes. Red leopard print ballet pumps from Asda. Purchased for about £8 during my first university year I hadn't really worn these much but they're perfect for work and add some colour to my uniform. Hurrah!

And that is how you stick to a work uniform policy while retaining your style.

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