Monday, 5 July 2010

Work Wear Woes

So on the good news front, I am starting a new job tomorrow. I've been back from uni for 6 weeks and have been scouring the shops to find any vaccancies. Now there have been job oppertunities and I've handed out many a CV and filled in many an application form. However up until last week each one was a dead end: I'd either get no response or I'd get turned down.
However there's some openings at my mum's office for temps so I registered with the agency who deal with the company, whizzed through their computer requirments (the company wanted 5000 letters/hour and I can apparantly do over 7000!) and got the job! I start tomorrow and I'm so nervous!
Now here's where the slightly more awkward part comes in. There's a dress code policy. And none of my clothes fit the bill with the exception of one skirt which just about squeezes in. All my other skirts and dresses are deemed too short (I went through my wardrobe with my mum) and I'm not allowed to wear leggings. So for now I've had to raid mum's wardrobe for a pair of work trousers that don't fit her and alternate between them and the skirt until I can get to some shops and buy more suitable workwear.
Apparantly the offices are really hot during the day so this shall be interesting. I think for practicality of finding my way around etc tomorrow I shall try the trousers and test how bearable wearing trousers are in hot weather and the hot office. I'm hoping I'll be by a window for some light relief.
So readers, any tips for finding some good office wear? Skirts and dresses have to end at least just above the knee and remember - no leggings! Is there anywhere good on the high street for fairly cheap but practical work wear?

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