Thursday, 12 August 2010

The green,green grass nails

Bit of a short update, I'm hoping to get my camera sorted soon (it needs batteries,poor camera) so I can get pictures of some new clothes (darn lack of Primark website!) and my new,short haircut (ooo-err!).

So for my short update I'm giving you a little looksie at one of my new nail varnishes. Last week I bought five new nail varnishes (I blame Boots with their special offers!).The colour I've put on tonight - literally minutes ago - is Rimmel's "I ♥ lasting finish" varnish in 260 Green Grass. I wasn't too sure about this colour at first, usually being a pink/purple/blue kind of girl but two coats of this is brilliant. I'd recommend two coats as one coat isn't as striking colour wise - two coats make the colour really pop out, which I like in a varnish.As the picture below shows, the more you put on the bolder the colour!

(Image taken from

1 comment:

  1. That is a great colour. Not sure I could pull it off but it's lovely and bright!


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