Sunday, 29 August 2010

Luella Bartley; "Luella's Guide To English Style"

Having heard about this book earlier this week I became very excited. Since 2004 I coveted a Luella piece and, upon hearing she was having to cease production of said beautiful pieces I did manage to purchase one of her handbags (thank you uni loan/birthday money) and achieve my want. However it still made me sad that such a good designer was no longer making clothes.

Fast forward a few months and imagine my surprise and happiness to find out that although she is not making clothes (that I know of) at the moment Luella Bartley has in fact been writing a book entitled "Luella's Guide To English Style". A review I read (obviously a preview one) said that Luella guides us through English style guides and looks at how us English girls tackle style. So it's not simply a 'how-to' guide for achieving English style but more of an examination of it. Which is the kind of thing I absolutely love. So I've pre-ordered my copy and wait patiently for this book to hit the stores.

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