Thursday, 5 August 2010

New Addition: Vintage Purse

Last week my mum went to visit my grandma and enjoy some well-deserved time off work. Unfortunately I had to work so I wasn't able to go. However upon her return my mum passed on a gift from my grandma; one of her old purses.

Now, before you get all judgemental and start thinking "ewww,old people's stuff" let me tell you this purse is beautiful. As was the huge wallet-like purse she gave me last year which is my main purse. My grandma might be old, but she's got fashion in her.

This purse is a camel/light brown colour with a zip on the back for coin and a popper flap for notes/cards/etc. There's a little designer stamp on it and, although it's faded a bit with time I think it says Mundi. So I did some investigating and turns out the brand is over 20 years old and still makes purses and wallets. It's an American company so I'm not sure if they stock in the UK.

I adore getting fashion pass-downs like this. It's happened a few times with bags and a purse or too and they've always been little gems which people see and ask where I got it from, commenting on how nice they look. This, I think, will be the latest of such items. The bonus is, it's big enough for stuff I need but small enough for when I have a smaller bag (e.g. on nights out/short uni days) something which I was beginning to have a problem with. Hurrah for grandma!

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