Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Work Wear Woes: resolved

A while ago (approximately a month ago) I posted a little complaint about my work uniform situation. A little bit of research and a gradual build up of wardrobe pieces (one conclusion I came to is that, regrettably, maxi dresses/skirts do not look good on me) later and I have my work wardrobe, consisting of some great pieces that I can dress down for uni as well. I've picked a couple of my favourites to share with you lovely readers of mine.

Firstly I have my 'girly-injecting' pieces. Due to the fact that over the past year I've developed a slight aversion to trousers, I've managed to get a skirt, a dress and a tunic top into my work wear. The first picture is the tunic-top from New Look, it can be worn as a dress with leggings but those are banned at work and it would be deemed too short by itself at work so this is teamed with a pair of bootcut work trousers. The dress is knee length and from Asda. I usually team it with purple tights and have colour in the form of cardigans and accessories. Finally is the skirt, which I bought from the Dorothy Perkins sale. This is knee length, gets teamed with black or purple tights and a plain vest top with a cardigan thrown on over the top. The best bit about this skirt is the fact it has pockets. I love skirts with pockets, they're brilliant.

Next up are jumpers/cardis. Both items below are from Primark, the cardigan is the more recent of my purchases and tends to be one of my default cardigans right now, I love the blue piping against the oatmeal colour of the cardigan. This jumper is great worn with long tops underneath, and although grey might seem a boring colour to have as a top half the multi-coloured hearts liven it up a lot.

And finally, onto accessories. I usually wear a headband of some sort, such as the one below which I like to call my "Blair" headband (from New Look). I can just see Gossip Girl's Blair in it, and it definitely livens up a simple outfit. I vary between my button bracelet (previously blogged) and my Taylor Swift 'Love Love Love' band from her Fearless tour. My default necklace is a recently-acquired Scrabble tile necklace from Rock'n'Rose (rocknrose.co.uk). I opted for their silver chain one with N and it definitely gets a lot of comments when people see it for the first time. Lastly if I'm not wearing a headband I tie a headscarf around my hair so it's not just hanging there. The square of material you see pictured below is actually a scarf from a vintage shop near my work called Flo's Place and I just scrunch up the material and tie it in a knot at the nape of my neck.

So there you have it, my work wear woes have been resolved. Hurrah for the high street!

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  1. Love the Cardigans :)
    And I LOVE skirt with pockets too! Soo handy! :) x


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