Thursday, 3 March 2011

Beauty shouldn't have to smell bland...

I've just noticed today how lovely all my beauty products have been smelling today. It's been somewhat a fragrant Thursday thanks to...

  • Rimmel long lasting lipstick in shade 166 Temptation; this is the one shade of red lipstick which suits me. Typical that, when I try to find it in shops, I discover it's not on sale anymore (boo for being discontinued) thankfully I found it on ebay so should I need a new one soon I can still get my mitts on one.

  • Rimmel lasting finish nail varnish fruties in 053 Apricot Punch; so you may be reading this thinking "what is she on, it's nail varnish! Does she have some weird enjoyment of nail varnish fumes?" No, I don't but this nail varnish is part of Rimmel's brilliant range of nail varnishes which smell after they've dried. I didn't buy it for that reason (I wanted a coral/bright peach shade) but it does work quite nicely.

  • James Brown shampoo and condition; expensive? You bet'cha it's expensive. Thankfully I got my set when Boots were running a '2 for £8' deal and I'm hoping I'll have enough left to last until after the Easter break when my next loan comes in (I don't fancy spending £12 on haircare no matter how amazing it is). It smells gorgeous though and my hair loves these products times a billion!

  • Lush Dragon's Egg bath bomb; I've been indulging myself recently to a) pass the time and b) use up my ridiculously large stock of Lush bath bombs. I used Ex-factor yesterday and Dragon's Egg today to brilliant results. Dragon's Egg gave my bath a lovely smell, orange water and left behind some glitter which is still sort of hanging around my feet.

  • Soap and Glory Hand Food; Yummy! I love hand food and the mini version lives in my handbag. I think it's great how marshmallow makes up some of the ingredients and I'm sure that adds to the gorgeous smell of this!
I've also got the quite nice smell of my lipgloss - Missguided Lip Spalsh in clear - which I got free with this month's edition of Cosmo. I've noticed the monthlies are very giving this month. So far I've got a lipgloss with Cosmo, a Clinique product with Glamour and Cowshed body lotion with Marie Claire. Lovely.

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