Thursday, 3 March 2011

H is for Happy week 5

Well here's this week's H is for Happy. It's been an extremely rubbish week so this week these things have been particularly special to me:
Surprise hugs: the first beautiful thing happened Tuesday during my only lesson at uni. I'd taken Monday off after getting some bad family news and got upset during uni the next day (Tuesday now, keep up readers!) so at the end of the lesson one of my friends gave me a hug. During this hug another friend jumped on my back to join in.
Baking: I took Wednesday off after Tuesday's moment and caught up on the sleep I'd been severely missing out on. I also used this to get through the eggs I had leftover which were to be out of date today. Cue twelve cupcakes, a big cake and a giant toad in the hole. When I bake, I bake in style.
Pokémon: I'd brought my old gameboy advance back to uni with me along with pokémon blue and yellow for an alternate distraction on the trains last week. I had a bit of a session last night and got thoroughly frustrated with how many Zubats you come across in Mt Moon!
Crumpets: om nom nom! These were mentioned during a quiz I took part in over the weekend (guess the basket price) and I'd been craving them ever since. Finally got round to having some today and I'd forgotten how amazing they were. Crumpets all around!
Instant Star: Finally, this week stumbled upon my favourite TV show online available to download...kinda. I managed to get most of the first season but can't find the second season where it's available to those outside the U.K. Anyway, the show is Instant Star and it was big in America and Canada mostly so it's fine there but difficult to get hold of here (online or on dvd) and I desperately want it on my laptop. Anyone who can help I'll be thrilled! I've enjoyed watching this between baking spurts yesterday and reliving the big they-should-but-won't-yet romance of Jude and Tommy (the two people in the picture) and rediscovering my love for the soundtrack.

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