Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Third Time Taylor

This time next week myself and the lovely Michelle will be in London screaming very loudly in a fan-girlish manner. Why? We are going to see Taylor Swift in concert...for the third time in two years. My boyfriend asked why I was going again to see someone I'd already seen twice so I felt a bit inspired by that to write the following post...

  • She does gorgeous photo shoots and looks like she's simply having a laugh with friends and a camera taking slightly goofy poses every now and then. This humour transcends onto stage and her talking between songs.
  • Her songs are brilliant in both album form and live format. She genuinely encourages the audience to sing along and who doesn't love a good old sing song?
  • She has great style and sets. The first time we saw Taylor it was at London's Shepard's Bush arena which is titchy compared to somewhere like Wembley. This meant the concert was Taylor in a gorgeous silver sequinned dress and the band. No sets (wah!). However when the album really took off Taylor did a whole load of new tour dates in the UK which enabled us UK fans to see for ourselves the amazing sets put together including the You Belong With Me marching band/dress costume change on stage, Love Story dancers, Forever and Always chair throwing (amaaaaazing!), the mash up of You're Not Sorry with Justin Timberlake's What Goes Around (Comes Around) and the personal favourite of mine...the Should've Said No waterfall:

So if, this time next week, you hear excited screaming and singing of country songs you might have just run into us pre/post Taylor concert.

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