Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Work,work,work (and a little play)

I'm two months into the uni experience and work has only just recently gotten hectic. I finalised my 1500 word essay on the progression of women's magazines and their portrayal of women today.I have to admit it was pretty interesting.I first chose it because I thought that,what with it being about women's magazines which I read a lot of,it'd be pretty easy.It wasn't as simple as I thought it would be but it was really interesting.I loved researching the history side of it,even if my main source was restricted by lack of library resources. Boo them.

I've got my MAC 189 article to do for Friday.Working on a uni beat."Does the student party lifestyle impact their education experience?" Got to give credit to Piers for that one.The inspiration conversation went a little like this:

Me: I don't know what I'm going to focus on for my uni based article!
Piers: well think,what do uni students do?
Me: get drunk a lot?
Piers: there you go then!

Legend boyfriend :')

General source fail for a while though.Only one of the alcohol charities I contacted got back to me,and the campus bar staff sucked when I spoke to them earlier.So I'm gonna use the alcohol charity,a lecturer and interview a student.Genius?Maybe,maybe not but it's a decent idea so I'm happy.

Shorthand is going really well,strangely enough because I was looking forward to that module the least having just finished seven years worth of German lessons.However I genuinely enjoy it.I'm pretty good at it,if I do say so myself.

Aha I sound like such a geek :')

I just did my shorthand homework in about 5 minutes.I've reached official uni geek times!

Plus on top of all my actual uni work there's the added work the e-zine (injournalism/detour) creates.In the past two weeks I've done a review of Paramore's album "Brand New Eyes",a feature on autumn coats (they were pretty,I wanted to put my window/online shopping to good use considering I have a perfectly good, albeit a little muddy, coat here with me) and I've written an article on Body Shop's "Anita's favourites" collection.Waiting for the coat one to go up before I put the Body Shop one up.Could also possibly be receiving some samples/products from said collection from press office.If I do I'm so reviewing them!

I got my ticket for clothes show live on Sunday as well!I was home (via Chellington with Straight Up as per the last five years) for the weekend and my mum put the ticket on her card as they wouldn't accept mine.The fashion team from the e-zine are going.I'm mega excited as the platinum ticket I got includes a goody bag,fast tracking for the show and a guarantee of a seat and not just entry.Love love love!

Which reminds me.This time in two weeks I shall have seen Taylor Swift in concert for the second time.(Hence the picture at the beginning.That was the first time in a smaller London venue.This upcoming time its at Wembley baby!)I celebrated this fact on Monday by buying her first album,only just released over here,in Asda for £5.High School Musical 3 may have also found its way into my bag of Asda goods but hey,good memories of the film and cinema trip around it so I'm allowed methinks.

I'm gonna stop geeking about work now and go read a magazine.

All in the name of research of course ;~)

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