Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Day 4 of being home,day 2 of reading week...

...and I've actually done some work!Shocker I know,who actually works during reading week!?!Me, apparently. I've done nearly all my shorthand work.I'm planning on prepping the other bit of shorthand later in the week/travelling back (hey I have to do something on the train for 3 hours) otherwise I'll end up hating shorthand all over again.I'm trying to do a profile for MAC189 atm but I keep getting stuck,I feel I should have more information to work with.To some three pages of notes is enough but I wanted more,although I think I've got a good angle to write it with.I just lack motivation right now.

Being home is so nice though.I spent pretty much all of Saturday with Piers.It was lovely to see him.I hate being away from him,cool person/loser that I am.We watched the X Factor with my mum in the evening and had a chinese take away.Little things like this make me happy :)

Sunday was amusing because nobody really knew I was back in town so I just strolled into church,walked up to my friend and was all "SUPRISE!!!" thus giving him a mini heart failure. The look on his face was priceless :) Everyone was really suprised which made it nicer because it was genuine responses not "oh I knew you were back,hi how are you?" in a disinterested tone.Lovely. Great day at church. I was challenged on how I live my life - if an outsider was to look at how I acted and spoke would they know something was different about me?Gave me something to think about.

Yesterday I slept in until about half one in the afternoon.It was absolute bliss.Played on Pokemon for a bit, did my shorthand work and watched tv.Nice, easy, relaxed day. Today ran along the same lines except I'm doing my work now and it's not shorthand.Have my friend coming round tomorrow so it'll be nice to spend time with them for the day :) Then Piers' in the evening,hopefully he can fix my laptop!

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