Saturday, 7 November 2009


I'm at Chellington, the one place where no matter how terrible things are I can be okay and forget about it. So what's wrong with me? I feel horrible. I feel so distant from most of the people I used to be closest to before going to uni. I feel disconnected from everything going in.I don't understand references to things that have happened back home because I haven't been there. I don't get the in-jokes because I'm no longer there to be in. I'm glad to have seen the people I've seen. And some of them its fine with. But I don't like feeling so disconnected. :(

I've loved being able to spend time with Piers this weekend (well day) so far,but I can't just come home and spend all my time with him. It wouldn't be healthy, no matter how lovely it would be. I hate this feeling of flux already and I've only been an official uni student for 2 months.

Hopefully tomorrow should be better. I get to see my mum and my niece again. I'm looking forward to that so much. That should make me feel better. I hope.

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