Friday, 13 November 2009

Home Sweet Home

I'm writing this on the train waiting to go home for reading week.I officially love reading week.I get to spend the next 10 and a half days with some of my favourite people,some of whom I haven't seen since I left for uni.

I've kept it quiet that I'm coming back.Partly because I wanted to surprise people and partly because I wanted time to kick back,relax and do some work without having people demand my time.The main people who I want to know that I'll be back know.I told my boyfriend first, followed by two of my best friends,then my parents and my brother. Family, best friends and the boyfriend. The most important people know the important stuff first and I get to arrange to see them as and when I want before people who haven't bothered with me feel the need to insist we meet up.

Admittedly I was back last weekend but it was for Chellington so I was only home for about two hours and only saw my mum and my niece. The week hasn't been too bad, work wise. It's gone fairly quickly, something which I'm thankful for because I've been looking forward to the 11 days I'm at home since I booked the tickets.

I'm entering a bit of a stand-off with the fashion editor for the e-zine I contribute to. She hasn't published my article. Fair enough I thought, I'll email her and ask why. That was three days ago. No published article and no reply to my email. Common courtesy would insinuate that I'd at least get an email explaining what's going on if she thought my article was rubbish. I'll still submit to the music section as and when I have stuff to write but no fashion articles of mine will be submitted until this is dealt with :)

I received feed back on my first assessed piece of writing in a workshop today. The workshop leader and module leader had both marked it, which is a big deal as they're both journalists, so I was really nervous going to my workshop leader for my feedback. I sat down and, to my very pleasant surprise, my piece had been marked as a first! I think I may have been the only one in my workshop to receive a first. Most people got 2:1s. I was so happy with that grade. I've only been at uni and I'm getting work marked at a grade 1! My workshop leader said it was obvious I'd come to uni already knowing how to write really well.Thank you Mrs Jewitt! She was my English teacher for five years so I may email her and thank her for all the time she told me my work was naff as it obviously worked. Legend!

I'm not even back yet and I've got stuff planned back home. It's my best friend's birthday next weekend (22nd) so I've got her present in my suitcase ready to be wrapped and presented to her. I think we're doing something just us as well as going for drinks at our local Wetherspoons with a bunch of people. Then on the 23rd I'm going to see Taylor Swift with my friend and her little sister.I'm mega excited as it's at Wembley stadium - the last time I went to see her it was at Shepherd's Bush arena, which is much smaller and thus limited the staging she could do. I've seen clips of her touring in America so I'm hoping for similar stage sets and performances. It should be mega :)

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