Sunday, 23 January 2011

Catch up

Wow, hello! Sorry times a million I've been extremely absent as of late. I've been caught up with birthday celebrations and uni deadlines. However I handed everything in Wednesday and now have a full week off before next semester starts. Random, but very welcomed indeed!

So to start off with, here's a very quick picture-filled post to let you lovely, nosey people know what I've been up to...

  1. To kick things off, I turned 20 on January 12th. I had a memorable birthday meal at my local Frankie and Benny's complete with waiter-induced surprise birthday desert (aka he put candles in my brownies and dimmed the lights without being asked too...bless).

  2. A bit of a blurry shot but these are my Harry Potter necklaces courtesy of my mum and friend Amanda. I'd asked my mum for the time turner necklace (read: I'm a huge Harry Potter geek and secretly want to be Hermione) so was obviously thrilled with it. Then Amanda presented me with the second necklace which is a mini Prisoner of Azkaban (my favourite from the series) book. ♥

  3. I have spent a lot of time watching the O.C. in the last week and a bit. I've worked my way through season one (Seth's coffee cart and public love declaration = possible favourite t.v. moment of all time) and got onto season two a couple of days ago. I have 3/4 of the box sets and plan on completing the set ASAP

  4. My lovely dad gave me money for my birthday which promptly went on a second-hand Luella baby Gisele bag in pink from ebay. It's got marks on the handles and shows signs of wear and tear so I got it for a mere £45: not bad when others are going for £300 odd! Plus a bag is meant to be used!

  5. I realised, as I tried to find room for my birthday presents, that I had so much stuff I never used. CDs I never listened to, DVDs I got but never watched or just aren't that fussed about, ditto for books. So I set up a playtrade account and have sold about 4/5 things this week so far, giving me just over £10 profit after's admin fees and postage. Not bad for a week.

  6. Finally, anyone who knows me well will know that I am partial to the lure of new stationary. It was the best bit of going back to school for me and it's continued despite being 20. I literally drift towards Paperchase when I go over into Newcastle and this week has been no exception. As well as a notebook which is being used for recipes, a pen and metal flask I bought this apron from there this week. How cute is it?! I've wanted an apron for a while and I've been doing a fair amount of cooking/baking the last few weeks so I decided it was also needed.

A pretty shopping based fortnight for me but I'm having to stop for a few days which can only be a good thing. I used my card in a machine being investigated for fraud (card reading devices etc) and Natwest fraud department called my mum back home last night. I've had to cut up my card and have a new one sent out to me, which I won't get until about Thursday. I'm far too lazy to walk down the road and queue up to get money out from my local branch so I'm determined to hibernate and only leave when necessary.

On a lighter note...Natwest fraud department's hold music is Olly Murs thinking of me. I hope the man I spoke to didn't guess I'd been dancing around my kitchen to it with my friend!

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