Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My last day as a teenager in pictures

From top to bottom: nutella on toast ♥, the article I have to analyse for the essay due tomorrow (last few paragraphs!), shorthand to practise for tomorrow's lesson (at 9am, bleurgh!)

From top to bottom: potential birthday dress from Topshop, potential birthday dress from Peacocks, Lauren Conrad Style which shall be my reading treat once I've finished my work, cooked dinner and picked a dress for tomorrow night

As you can see, not much going on today. No lessons today and no need to go outside after a giant shop yesterday with friend/flatmate Emily made my cupboard space and fridge drawer crammed full of food and drink. I woke up at about half 1 when Emily came to talk to me about something (in my defence I was up until half 2 in the morning putting things on Play.com for sale) so nutella on toast was a bit of food to keep me going until dinner after my quick lunch (aka stomach demanding food) of soup.

I've been putting the finishing touches on my essay ready to get it in tomorrow between shorthand lessons. I'm so happy this one is nearly out of the way as it means I can put full concentration on my magazine writing one where we get to pick the question (best essay idea ever in my opinion) as opposed to reading the books for it and drafting in the five pads of paper I have scattered around my room but not forming the actual essay yet. Plus this essay has been a bit of a beast to work on compared to my fashion one and what is yet to come of the magazine one.

Finally I'm so torn between these two dresses! I went shopping after uni yesterday with my friend Lisa to find the Kate Middleton dress copy Peacocks have but it wasn't stocked in that shop and delivery wouldn't be here in time for my birthday so there was no point ordering it online. After a bit of a paroozle I found the green peter pan collar dress (usually I don't go for Peter Pan collars but this is such a gorgeous shade of green) and ended up buying it intending to wear it tomorrow night.

Then Emily got back here from home and we did a brief shop scouring for her. We ended up in Topman where she wanted a jumper, then drifted into Topshop. As per usual I sort of just followed her about as - thanks to Topshop's sizings - I can never get into their stuff so I don't bother looking at the clothes. I was helping her look for nice stuff and came across the blue daisy dress, noticed it was a size 16 and the material was somewhat stretchy (but not in that horrible stretchy but clingy sense which I hate) so decided to have a go in the changing rooms. It fitted really well, which led to me getting excited and showing Emily. I bought it. First Topshop thing to ever fit me and it was the last one in the shop. Win ♥

But now I'm torn between the two dresses! Typical me really. I might wear the Topshop one during the day for uni and going to see the boyfriend for a bit of lunch/the afternoon before coming back here and changing to the Peacocks one for dinner with the girls...

Any suggestions?

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